Hi, I’m Jasmin,  I’m a Bay Area California native with over 15 years of marketing experience. I’m passionate about creating engaging content, building community, cultivating partnerships, and developing strategies that will grow and expand Urban Aesthetics’ services and product offerings.

At the heart of my work with Urban Aesthetics lies a deep appreciation for Lindsay's innovative vision of offering top-tier, scientifically-backed skincare solutions. This vision has come to life into a thriving community, a collaborative effort between Urban Aesthetics’ team of skilled estheticians and dedicated clients and members. It's this community that stands as a testament to Urban Aesthetics' commitment to creating an inviting environment. This unique setting fosters a relaxed and authentic atmosphere, encouraging clients to be their true selves. It's a privilege to be part of a team that prioritizes bespoke skincare, aligning treatments with each client's individual goals.

A key aspect of my role involves connecting with our clientele through social media. This digital engagement allows us to build a more cohesive community, gaining insights into both current and prospective clients' skincare needs. Our approach is to provide content that is not only engaging but also educational, guiding clients towards skincare treatments that best suit their unique needs.

Outside of marketing consulting, you'll find me cooking, blogging about the latest eateries, or sharing my travel adventures. My absolute favorite thing is spending time with my loved ones, sharing delicious meals, and making memories.