Remove. Rebuild. Protect. Maintain.


Enzyme therapy is a skin revision treatment that optimizes the function of your skin as the largest organ in the body. It brings fresh oxygenated blood to your skin cells therefore creating a healthy environment for your skin to live and thrive in. By increasing collagen elasticity for a firmer and tighter appearance, decreasing inflammation found in acne, rosacea, pigmented and aging skin. Enzyme therapy is perfect for ALL SKIN types. At Urban Aesthetics we specialize in various customizations within the enzyme therapy treatments. Optimal skin function delivers optimal results! Consultations are required.


Signature Enzyme Oxygen Therapy

This revolutionary skincare concept works with the structure & function of the skin rather than just acting on the surface. Effective for removing dead skin cell buildup & detoxifying impurities – a true oxygenating treatment for your skin. Suitable for all skin types & a wide range of conditions such as aging, sun damage, oily acne breakouts, rosacea, & pigmentation. 

120 minutes/$240 

Enzyme Ritual Membership

Monthly program — inquire for details. 

- Aromatherapy inhalations

- Dual cleanse with steam

- Lavender-infused steam towel

- Exfoliation and extractions

- Custom-tailored enzyme mask

- Finished with appropriate hydrator and SPF

120minutes/$199 membership

Tissue Strengthening

Revises the skin by progressively strengthening aged & compromised tissue.  

Great for aging, rosacea, vascular matting (fragile capillaries), & inflamed or weakened skin conditions.

120 minutes/$240 

Muscle Banding Enzyme

“Banding” is a technique used to lift, tone, & tighten the skin. Treatment ideal for those who are just starting to show signs of loss of elasticity at specific points of the face. 

120 minutes/$240 


A brightening enzyme treatment designed to help regain a luminous, more even, & radiant complexion with a customized combination of Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Licorice Root, & Mulberry. 

120 minutes/$240 


Great for pulling out any impurities in the skin and smoothing texture by using a combination of peel and enzymes.  Designed to accelerate results when working with very congested skin, aging, wrinkles and sun damage.

120 minutes/$240 


For dull, lifeless congested skin. A pineapple, papaya enzymatic exfoliant treatment designed to remove the accumulation of old, redundant, dead cell material. 

Recommended for sun damage, pigmentation, oily congested, dull skin.

120 minutes/$240