Lash Lift. Brow Lamination. Color Match.



Exfoliation of dead skin & vellus "peach fuz" facial hair for a smoother & brighter-looking appearance. Great exfoliation for better product absorption & makeup application.

30 min $50 Add-on/45 min $85 Stand-alone

Brow Lamination

Realigns stubborn & unruly brows in an upright position. Great for filling gaps in sparse brows giving the illusion of smooth, fluffy & fuller brows. 

60 min $85 No tint / $95 with tint

Lash Lifts

The revolutionary alternative to lash extensions. The Urban Aesthetics lash lift uses innovative techniques to gently lift and curl the lashes. We use a keratin-based nourishing oil and silicon shields rather than rods to gently lift and curl the lashes for a natural, voluminous look.

60 min/$125

Brow Tint

Ideal for thinner or lighter brows to give a darker & fuller look. Esthetician can color match. 

30 min/$25