Hey! I’m Alex. I’m from Grass Valley and I’ve been an esthetician for 7 years now. As an esthetician, I am a skin care specialist and I perform facial treatments on my clients for a variety of skincare concerns. I also prescribe skincare regimens. If you need help with achieving your beauty goals, I’m more than happy to help!

Skincare is super important to me. In the morning I do all my hydrating & nurturing products plus a vitamin C. At night I wash my face & my night time cream retinol. Some of my favorite products are Lytic Gel Cleanser (summertime) & in the winter I love my Milk Cleanser by DMK. I use Seba E always & my Glow SPF by ColoreScience. I also love my retinols! (DMK & Urban Aesthetics)

When I’m not at work helping clients feel beautiful in their own skin, you can find me with my family, friends, or fur babies.