Hi, I’m Alex and I’m from Grass Valley. With a dedicated career spanning 9 years as an esthetician, I specialize in providing expert facial treatments tailored to address a variety of skincare concerns.

Additionally, I take pride in prescribing personalized skincare regimens for my clients, helping them in achieving their beauty objectives with professionalism and care.

My interest in skincare actually began during cosmetology school. While initially drawn to hairstyling, my interest quickly shifted to esthetics. This change was partly fueled by my own experiences with acne, developing a deep understanding of skincare's impact on self-esteem. 

At Urban Aesthetics, my role involves more than just treatments; it's about facilitating our clients' journey to self-confidence through expert skincare. The opportunity to interact with a diverse clientele and assist them in overcoming their skincare challenges is gratifying.

Skincare is not only my profession but also a personal commitment. My daily regimen includes hydrating and nurturing products in the morning, complemented by vitamin C, and a thorough cleansing followed by a retinol-based night cream in the evening. Among my preferred products are the Lytic Gel Cleanser during summer and DMK's Milk Cleanser in winter, along with the constant use of Seba E and ColoreScience's Glow SPF. Retinols, from DMK and Urban Aesthetics, are staples in my skincare routine.

Outside of Urban Aesthetics, I cherish spending quality time with my family, friends, and fur babies.