Hi I'm Daniela! I was born in Mexico and having lived in various places, I found my way back to Sacramento at the age of 14 and have called it home ever since. My journey in the beauty industry began at the front desk of Urban Aesthetics, where my intrigue in skin care flourished. Already holding a cosmetology license, I dove into the world of esthetics, inspired by my battle with cystic acne. This experience not only fueled my passion for skin health but also highlighted the importance of knowledgeable and fun skincare.

In just over a year as an esthetician, I've dedicated myself to understanding the nuances of skin health. My philosophy is simple: invest in your skincare and always be kind to your skin. I firmly believe that while anti-aging products are beneficial, they are not miracle workers and can only do so much.

What sets Urban Aesthetics apart is our genuine commitment to our clients' happiness and skin health. We're not just about treatments; we're about guiding our clients to a place where they feel confident and comfortable in their skin, makeup-free if they choose.

My greatest joy comes from helping clients achieve a state of skin health where they feel confident and liberated from the need to hide behind makeup.

When I'm not immersed in skincare, you'll find me snowboarding down slopes, experimenting with new baking recipes, or enjoying quality time with my family. Fitness also plays a significant role in my life, as I believe in nurturing both mind and body.