At Urban Aesthetics, We Are Committed To Help You Along Your Journey To Health And Beauty.

Our faces are always exposed: to the elements, to scrutiny, and to time. It is how we express what we are feeling, it is the first thing people see when they meet us, and it leaves them with something to remember us by.

It’s one of our most defining characteristics and what sets us apart as unique individuals.  Urban Aesthetics was created to help people put their best foot (or face) forward, to instill confidence in people and help remove the worry of outward appearance so everyone’s inner person can shine through. A fresh and radiant face can be a game changer and Urban Aesthetics is the vehicle through which that happens.

Meet the owner

Lindsay Meyer

As a seeker of knowledge, Urban Aesthetics owner, and aesthetician, I am ever-evolving and eager to grow. I lead a full life, and emphasize spending time with my husband and two sons; I’m certain that the joy that they bring me has helped me to retain my youthfulness.  

The one of a kind, Urban Aesthetics experience is a culmination of my rich knowledge base and 21-year long history in the skincare industry. I have cultivated a team that reflects my knowledge and experience; they’re dedicated to helping you be the very best version of yourself. My philosophies are simple: I believe in ritual-based skincare in conjunction with non-invasive, non-irritating techniques that deliver top-notch results that you can see and feel. I focus on educating my team and my clients because I’m confident that with a full range of options, anything is possible.  

Having touched all corners of the skincare craft, I have experience in a multitude of treatments and techniques, plus I am a product specialist and educator for the groundbreaking brand, HydraFacial. Though I have a nurturing touch, I am a master clinical aesthetician, and I aim to deliver results with scientifically backed skincare methods. I’m also an expert at restoring the complexion’s youthfulness and vitality and I am particularly skilled at providing solutions for tough-to-treat acne. I believe that each person’s complexion and journey is unique, and I aim to develop a plan that will affect long-lasting change, with your skin’s specific needs in mind.

When it comes to skincare, I say keep it simple. Commit to a routine that you can accomplish every day, and add in extras as prescribed by your Urban Aesthetics skincare expert. Also, remember that you don’t have to be aggressive to see results. We’re here to help you feel good about being you, now, plus preserve your youthful vitality for decades to come.