Yesterday I had a HydraFacial done by Lindsay. This is my second visit. It is such a wonderful experience…I cannot emphasize how great you feel after getting this done. Lindsay is the sweetest person and makes you feel so comfortable the whole time. The shop is spotless and so cute. Everyone there is so friendly and you feel so welcome. Five Stars…nothing less."
JANICE P 9/17/17


"I’ve been getting monthly Hydra facials for over 6 months and I absolutely Love the results!"
JAN K 9/23/17

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU. One – for getting me in last min on Thursday…and two – Ashley for saving my face before vacation. You ladies are awesome and I’m happy to find a new facial home. Please tell Ashley thank you. See you all after Paris xx."
YASI S 9/18/17

"Lindsay, I am at work with no makeup on and I can’t stop looking at my face and how good it looks absolutely bare. I can’t thank you enough for taking such great care of me and my skin. You have changed my skin and therefore my life and self confidence all in one. My skin has come such a long ways! You are amazing at what you do, thank you so much for everything and happy one year of treating my face with HydraFacial <3"
MISBAH A 8/18/17

"Holy crap! I feel so good today because of you – thank you thank you thank you thank you!"
DESTINY B 9/11/17

"I was in yesterday for the first time and experienced a pleasant visit at your salon. I had my first Hydro Facial. The most amazing feeling ever. Emma was very pleasant and knew her stuff. This morning feels so soft and looks amazing as well."
CHERYL P. 2/2/17

"Just had a facial and it feels great!! Give them a call and make your appointment!!"
CARLA H 12/1/16

"I had a hydrafacial with Emma last week at Urban Aesthetics, and it was wonderful. I am 35 and have been neglecting my skin for years. Well, I am paying for it now: big pores, dark spots, and wrinkles. I don’t want to get anything lasered on my face yet, so when I found out about hydrafacial, I jumped to the opportunity and gave it a try! Emma was very sweet. She walked me through the process. She showed me the products they offered there, but she wasn’t pushy about it. My face was a little red after the facial, but it looks a more radiant. It lasted about 2 days. I like the facial so much that I got a membership with them. Such a great deal that I can’t resist! I have done my research! You can’t get that price anywhere else."
MAI M 11/5/16

"I love this place!!! My dad is in the medical field and knew Lindsey from conferences and meetings. My acne got super bad this year and my dad said I should go to Lindsey for a hydra facial. I have done 2 hydra-facials in 2 months and have seen such amazing change in my skin. It has only been 2 months and I cannot wait to see how much it gets better as time goes on. She has such a passion for fixing acne and is the sweetest person ever. I feel so comfortable when I am there and she does an amazing job. I now have her do my waxing as well because she did a incredible job with my brows. She prescribed me to this topical that works great. I am extremely happy how it has turned out. Thank you Lindsey for being amazing!!"
TAYLOR S. 11/14/16

"I have ignored my skin for far too long. Now that I am in my 40’s I am trying to reverse all of the damage the sun aand sleeping in makeup has done over the years so had my first hydro ever. I didn’t know what to expect. Right after my face was red and slightly sensitive but the next day my skin was stunning!! After a week it was clear and bright and just continues to improve. I have been thrilled with this treatment.  The spa is beautiful and relaxing, Emma my therapist was very professional and helpful.  I can’t wait to come back!"
SERENA M 10/26/16

"I had experiences with Lindsey and Emma directly. The best of the best! I had an amazing hydrafacial and life changing lash lift. I seriously think I could book a half day just to get all of the services done that they provide. Great ambience too."
RORY G 10/1/16

"My husband and I were lucking winners of the fun raffles; oooh, oooh Everyone at Urban Aesthetics is very professional and knowledgeable of their services. The salon is tastefully decorated and a calming environment.
Their Open House was well done wishing them the best!"
KATHY B 10/1/16

"Claudia is so talented!  You will love your mani and pedi, and it will last!!  I haven’t had her do artwork, but I’ve seen examples and it is phenomenal.  Plus, Claudia is just fun to chat with.  The salon itself is very calm, clean and stylish.  Highly recommended."
GILLIAN B 8/10/16

"Beautiful spa! Amazing hydrafacial treatment! Best facial I’ve ever had! Everyone was very nice and the spa was immaculate! Very clinical with the treatment! My skin feels amazing!"
J J. 6/29/16

"BOMB!! Loved Lindsay and her crew of beauty savants. Cute little beauty bungalow with modern touches throughout. Sure to feel like a relaxed queen in an unpretentious environment. Highly recommend this for hydra facials, nails, and brows."
ASHLEY C 5/24/16

"What an amazing place!  Love the modern white crisp ambience and peaceful setting.  Everything from the scheduling to on-time service and treatment with Emma was a wonderful experience.  I will definitely be returning for what I hear is Lindsey’s amazing hydrafacial!"
LAURA C 6/16/16

"This was my first time ever getting a hydro facial and it was such a great experience I definitely will be coming back again. The staff was amazing, very down to earth. The office itself is well put together and really makes the experience all the more special. They made sure we enjoyed every bit of our time there. I would highly recommend urban aesthetics to everyone."
ALEXIS L 12/22/16

"Lindsay was awesome. I have never had such a thorough and complete facial.  My skin feels and looks amazing. Lindsay shaped my eyebrows and I have never felt better. I will definitely schedule a hydrafacial and brows in the future."
LORI B 11/8/16

"I had an amazing Hydrafacial at this gorgeous spa and can’t wait to come back. Very friendly and knowledgable staff… Can’t wait for my next facial!"
SAMANTHA G 5/18/16

"Had a lash lift done by Lindsay. She was super meticulous and made sure every lash was perfect! Highly recommend!"
RORY G 5/29/16

"Love Urban Aesthetics- Lindsay and her girls are amazing- hydra facials by far the best- my nails awesome- I will be back again and again!! Don’t miss out!!"
BRENDA P 5/29/16